New Public Nursery and Primary School in Seville / UNIA Arquitectos

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Dos Hermanas, España
© Fernando Alda 

Descripción enviada por el equipo del proyecto. In order to resolve the implantation of the building on the site, we started setting the sports track with the right orientation. The track is placed on the level + 41,90 m, optimizing the topography modification works.The north side of the lot is located on the level + 41,50 m, where we find the entrance to the administration, the nursery and primary areas. Thus, we try to not create large differences from one level to the next, thinking in the short age of the users.

First Floor Plan

The volume is setback from the east border of the lot and the resulting outer space is landscaping with medium size trees. In the other hand, the southern area of the plot is situated on the level +42,40 m and released from building, with an reserved area for the future expansion of the school.

© Fernando Alda 

The building operates as a large and compact container perforated by a central yard, which becomes an element that communicates, organizes and lights up the interiors.The entrance hall is situated in the northern part of the building, from where the program is developed in several packages.The nursery school is located in the east wing of the school within a large linear piece that covers the plot from the North to the South.The areas for the administration and the complementary uses close the program of needs on the ground floor. All the primary classrooms are located on the first floor. Three vertical cores resolve communication between both floors. The main staircase and the integrated lift are situated in the entrance hall. Other two linear staircases are located crossing the central court as bridges.

© Fernando Alda 

The main volume is connected to another piece which contains the gym and the restaurant.These rooms are both supported by a metallic structure without intermediate pillars.

Galería del Proyecto

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Ubicación de la obra

Dirección:Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, Spain

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